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Now Available on DVD:

Cosmic Christ and the New Humanity
Led by Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey,  featuring Guest Speaker Joanna Macy
Filmed in Oakland, CA, March 8-10, 2013


Cosmic Christ and the Historical Jesus
Led by Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey,  featuring Guest Speaker Bruce Chilton
Filmed in Pittsburgh, PA, June 28-30, 2013

Were you there? Were you watching, listening, chanting, singing, dancing?

These historic weekend intensives, overflowing with the wisdom and passion of four of today’s most luminous spiritual leaders, drew hundreds of on-site and online viewers to “push the Reset button on Christianity.”

They were truly weekends to remember…
…weekends that participants recall as a deeply healing, challenging, and motivational experience…
…weekends that pushed them to dip deeper into a mystical understanding of the cosmic Divine than they had ever gone…
…weekends that deeply affirmed the spiritual work they were doing in the world…or inspired them to take new steps, or to start afresh…
…weekends that led them to a new experience of community with other mystics and sacred activists…
…and weekends that were just the first step of a three-year journey, the first taste of more to come…

And now, you can relive those weekends – or experience them for the first time – as part of your own spiritual viewing library!

Twenty-Hour, 12-DVD Sets of Recordings Capturing Every Moment

DVD ART CPS1At long last, you can have your own personal recordings of these historic weekends, from Matthew Fox’s and Andrew Harvey’s impassioned opening talks to the final talking stick rituals. The recordings of these two, breathtaking Christ Path Seminars– 20 full hours of filming in each! – are available now at the Friends of Creation Spirituality bookstore.

These DVD sets don’t drag you through 20 hours of a white background with a talking head in the center…on the contrary! These recordings of the live feed miss only the scent of the candles and the touch of a classmate’s hand during the circle dances. You’ll witness the interactions between the speakers and the participants, the multiple camera angles catching audience reactions, the dances and chants, even the priceless moments of humor among the speakers.

More than that, though, these recordings capture Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey,  Joanna Macy and Bruce Chilton at their profoundest and most impassioned best….

Cosmic Christ and the New Humanity:

  • Matthew Fox calling out our closeted and repressed mystical gifts, quoting Thomas Berry’s comment that the darkest times draw forth the deepest creativity, and sounding a challenge to step past fear and into cosmic connection…
  • Andrew Harvey sharing his unforgettable personal odyssey from an interspiritual childhood to atheism and Marxism in Oxford, to a transcendent experience of the Cosmic Christ and the person of Jesus…
  • Joanna Macy connecting us to our ancestors of the distant past and deepening our commitment to the descendants of our future in her stirring and compassionate meditation on the flow of Deep Time…Click here to order_0


Cosmic Christ and the Historical Jesus:

  • Matthew Fox bringing home the image of Jesus as revolutionary to our door: how are we living his example in our time?…
  • Andrew Harvey calling us out of the cultural coma with seven transformational logions of the Gospel of Thomas…
  • Bruce Chilton exploding our awareness of the historical Jesus far beyond the “Good Shepherd” and sacrificial Redeemer to a prophetic activist bringing about a visionary Kingdom of God….Click here to order_0

But these were not just  heady conceptual workshops…

True to Matthew Fox’s groundbreaking pedagogy, these workshops engaged not only mind but also body and soul in practices designed to ground the teachings at our deepest core level…If you were there, online or in person, you shared in a whole-person, whole-community experience of the depths of joy, grief, creativity and passion for change:

  • The spiritual exercises that brought us to laughter and tears…
  • The circle dances that drew us together as a community in shared body prayer…
  • The intercultural meditations, chants and songs…

And these are just the first two weekends of the Christ Path Seminar program!

If you have followed the prophetic work of Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey, Joanna Macy, or Bruce Chilton…
…or if you are yearning to connect with a cosmic consciousness and help to embody the change so desperately needed in our time…
…or if you attended these Christ Path workshops and want to hear them again and marinate in the profound concepts they offer…
…or if you’re planning to participate in upcoming workshops and want to see and hear what all the rave reviews are about…

You can’t afford to pass up these recordings!

Each of these 12-DVD sets offer 20 full hours of live-feed recording, capturing each weekend in its entirety, from the presenters’ introductory remarks to the final passing of the talking stick….and, true to the Christ Path gift-economy principles, you can order each set for just $50 (not including s/h). Nowhere else – nowhere – would you be able to hear a full weekend workshop by these global thought-leaders for such a price.

Click here to order_0


Why are we doing this?

We believe passionately that the information offered in these lectures, these chants and dances and practices, can help to bring about the inward and outward, personal and cultural transformation necessary for the continuance of life on Earth. And for that to happen, they need to reach as many people as possible, as affordably as possible.

Let us be clear – The seminar, and the recordings, are not free. By the standards of this world, in fact, they are quite costly to produce.

But we choose to believe that they are priceless, because how can we possibly measure in money gifts of wisdom, of insight, of prayer, of shared responsibility, of personal and collective transformation?

So we encourage you to dare this first step of the Christ Path adventure….and to invest in the continuance and growth of this program by purchasing these recordings for yourself and for those you love.  Your early order will help us to fund additional production runs and make the DVDs more widely available at these bare-minimal gift-economy rates.

And if you are moved to dance with us in giving, and to make a financial gift over and above the $50 that covers our production costs, it will be gratefully received and applied to fund presentation of the weekends, onsite and online.

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Are you hesitating?

Yes – Everything in our culture will scream at you to postpone – to distract – to numb out – to default to safety and predictability and to pass up this opportunity to embark on this most challenging and full-filling adventure of your life. We ask that you dare to do the opposite.

Now, while the hope of change and the unimaginable depth and height of full divine humanity are glimmering before you, for the sake of your own heart and soul, the sake of the children, the earth and sea and sky, and the Cosmic Christ embodied in this glorious and imperiled creation, take the leap of faith and hope and order your copy of The Cosmic Christ and the New Humanity.

Don’t wait – copies are already going quickly!

And as our thank-you gift for your order, you will receive the transcript of Matthew Fox’s impassioned introductory lecture introducing the Christ that the churches forgot…and inviting you to embrace your birthright and power as a mystic and prophet.

As Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota nation said, “Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think you were put here for something less?”

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With deepest gratitude for your participation in this work,
Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey,
and the Christ Path Seminar team


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  1. Monica says:

    why not make them available for mp3 download…it’s so much more environmentally friendly??

    would love to purchase them if you do that.

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