Cosmic Christ and the Historical Jesus

June 28, 2013 @ 4:30 pm – June 30, 2013 @ 1:00 pm
Pittsburgh, PA - OR Online

June 28-30, 2013
Registration opens 4:30 and the workshop starts at 7:00 p.m.

Workshop 2: Cosmic Christ and the Historical Jesus
with guest presenter Bruce Chilton speaking on “Jesus and the Mystical Journey”
First United Methodist Church, Pittsburgh, PA

Here are a few highlights:

  • We’ll explore depictions of the historical Jesus and the new vision that has emerged during the last 30 years as a result of the work of The Jesus Seminar and scholars such as Fox, Harvey and Chilton.
  • Matthew Fox will give an overview of the Historical Jesus as a revolutionary and a radical in all aspects of his message–political, economic, religious.
  • Andrew Harvey will reveal the secret nature of Jesus’ teachings available in the Gospel of Thomas–and you will discover the Jesus who did not want to be adored as an avatar, but who had discovered an empowering and divinizing relationship with the Father/Mother, and sought to share it with everyone.
  • Matthew Fox will introduce a new, transformational practice that he has been working on — the Stations of the Cosmic Christ. This practice can transform us and inspire the artist in us to create our own Stations.
  • We’ll view a film presentation of Father Bede Griffiths, on the depths of mantra and meditation practice on the Christ Path

Guest Presenter Bruce Chilton speaks on “Jesus and the Mystical Journey”
The ancient Near East formed the cradle, not only of civilization, but also of mystical practice. Recent scholarship has uncovered a continuous stream of wisdom, from millennia prior to Jesus, focused on union with God. The power of Jesus’ influence stems from his mastery of that tradition, and his practice can be discovered in the pages of the New Testament and Gnostic literature.

Register now for this unprecedented event…

…and tell your friends! Once again Matthew and Andrew are offering a gift-economy registration fee of just $50. The more people who participate, the more sustainable this pricing becomes. It takes just 800 people registered to cover the costs of the event–and with the power of live streaming technology, that is very possible. Move the gift forward that Matthew and Andrew have offered by encouraging your friends to attend and helping us to spread the word. The momentum is growing! Thank you for being part of it!

This registration fee does not include food, meals, or lodging for the on-site event. These need to be arranged separately (see logistical info below). It also does not include a stipend for any of the three presenters, or the very significant costs of presenting the event on-site and online, so you will be invited to make a gift offering to support these costs while registering, or at some point during the weekend. Please give as generously as your heart and spirit direct!

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Schedule of the Weekend:

(Note: Spiritual chant, dance, ritual, and mystical practices will be interspersed
throughout the weekend at the discernment of Drs. Harvey and Fox.)


4:30-7:00p Welcome and Registration

7:00-8:00p Matthew Fox:  “Jesus as Revolutionary”

8:00-9:00p Andrew Harvey: “The Gospel of Thomas”

9:00-9:30p  Q&A


9:00a  Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey, The Practice of the Sacred Heart”

10:30a  Matthew Fox:  “The Cosmic Christ Event: The Life of Jesus“

12-1:30p Lunch break

1:30-4:30p  Matthew Fox: “Mystical Practice: Sixteen Stations of the Cosmic Christ”

Images by Javier, MC Richards and others for personal contemplation, of the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality, created by Dr. Fox and Bishop Marc Andrus of Grace Cathedral (Episcopal) in San Francisco.
Andrew Harvey: Continuation of Bede Griffiths film and discussion

4:30-7:00p  Dinner break

7:00-9:30p Bruce Chilton  “Jesus and the Mystical Journey”

The ancient Near East formed the cradle, not only of civilization, but also of mystical practice. Recent scholarship has uncovered a continuous stream of wisdom, from millennia prior to Jesus, focused on union with God. The power of Jesus’ influence stems from his mastery of that tradition, and his practice can be discovered in the pages of the New Testament and Gnostic literature.


9:00-10:00a  Dialogue between Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey

10:00a Worship with First United Methodist Church of Pittsburgh

Based upon the weekly Creation Spirituality based Worship Jam; Drs. Harvey, Fox, and Chilton  speaking

11:15-1:00p Wrap Up Trialogue and Closing Ritual

1:30p  Sacred Activist Fishbowl

Young activists from Pittsburgh join Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey in an inner circle conversation about how mysticism can seed and support their efforts to move our culture towards a more just, spiritually cohesive and sustainable future. Young Activists, sponsored by their elders, will engage in direct conversation with Dr. Fox and Dr. Harvey. Supportive
elders are invited to listen in as a silent circle of support around them.

Recommended readings:

Matthew Fox, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ
Andrew Harvey, Son of Man
Bruce Chilton, Rabbi Jesus

Please see the Bookstore to order ahead of time!


Housing, Meals, and Transportation Information

Welcome to Pittsburgh! We are a city of rivers, bridges, and mountains with distinct ethnic neighborhoods and a can-do spirit rising out of the oppression of the Robber Baron era.   The ChristPath Seminar will be held at First United Methodist Church in the east end of Pittsburgh. (

We have arranged for a variety of options for your stay in Pittsburgh.


Travel into the city from the airport:

Taxi $60

Yellow Cab 412-321-8100,

Checker Cab 412-664-5600,

Classy Cab 412-322-5080

Airporter   $33 one way approx.

Airport Flyer Port Authority Express Bus   $3.75 + taxi to your residence  (approx. $6)

Rentals Cars at the Pittsburgh airport are very affordable.


While you are welcome to try your luck with Priceline or, we have made these housing suggestions and arrangements for you.

Marriott Courtyard - Directly across from the church. 412-683-3113  or 800-321-2211

Residence Inn by Marriott - halfl mile from the seminar, shuttle service, 412-621-2200

Wyndham University Center - half mile from the church, shuttle service,, $10 parking per night 412-682-6200

Marriott Spring Hill Suites – Half mile from the church, shuttle service, $169 per night 412-362-8600  or 866-275-0741stpaulmonastery

St. Paul of the Cross Monastery - $50 communal bath, $70 private bath, continental breakfast, beautiful view of the city and its rivers, but requires extra time and transportation to the church.  Free Parking. We are willing to set up a shuttle for  $15 per person for the weekend if there is demand. Call John Colaizzi after May 13, at 412-381-7676 to reserve rooms.Call William Holmes at 412-793-1319 by Thursday, June 27 if you are interested in shared transportation.

Carlow University - easy 2 mile bus ride to the church, $23 per night (Re-live your college days!) Call Deb Stage at 585-260-0226 to reserve a room. Linens are not provided.

In the spirit of the gift economy, we have also arranged for stays in private homes for a gift offering per night. If you would like to stay in a private home, please call Helene Guerente at 412-818-5743 for a list of hosts.


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5 Responses to Cosmic Christ and the Historical Jesus

  1. Dr. Pawan Kumar Aryan says:

    Hindus (India) remained in touch with cosmic Charistosh (Christ) through Sanskrit-Greek-Latin languages. The link disappeared after Buddha’s dawn. Since Buddha declared there is no God, therefore 33 Million Gods were invented by Hindus to counter Buddha.
    English-missionaries ignored the pre-Buddha phase and picked up the threads of Hindu spirituality post-Buddha.
    Like socio-political corruption, Indian missions are also saturated with corruption. The prime goal of Indian Coverts is to lead a life style of European Standard.
    Are you really interested in the Christosh, who remained widely present in Vedas?

    • gordon sieveke says:

      Dear Dr. Aryan, a brother in the great Vedic-Sanskrit-Hindu tradition of which I am a practitioner.
      I am interested in how you are [interpreting?] Christ’s presence in the Vedas. Is it as simple as the presence of Lord Krishna?
      Gordon Sieveke in Fort Laudderdale Fl.

  2. Bryan says:

    Do participants online get to ask questions?

    I am blown away by the synchronicity of finding this gathering. I have read Fox’s Mystical Christ and Harvey’s books on Rumi – now I find them speaking together. This cannot be a coincidence in my life.

    I am wondering about the Issa tradition and various reports that Jesus spent the missing years wandering in India and Tibet, mastering the wisdom of the East before returning to Palestine.

    Though many doubt the historical scholarship, I find this tradition rich and intuitive. If Christ is indeed mystical and universal, shouldn’t He have absorbed the wisdom from all traditions? Does this not explain His plea to love above all things, and to transcend His physical death?

    Anyway, I am curious how Harvey ties Rumi with Christ — this alone would make my attendance mandatory.

    Thanks so much,

  3. Y says:

    It sounds like you are doing important work, but where are the women to speak for the feminine side of our mother/father God? It does seem that many who call themselves “Christian” are not following Jesus as their “Christ.” The name “God” and the term “Christian” have been so poisoned that I’m not sure either is useful in discussing the responsible compassion that I associate with The Sacred Spirit in all the universe.

    • admin says:

      Y, thank you for your question…both Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey are very much aware of the need for the Divine Feminine to be represented, and are including a number of prominent women in the speaker lineup. The first weekend, in fact, featured Joanna Macy as guest speaker – you can purchase the DVD recording of that weekend at

      In the spring of 2014, Cynthia Bourgeault will be speaking specifically about the Divine Feminine; I believe Drs. Fox and Harvey are also in conversation with Caroline Myss and Marianne Williamson about speaking at other weekends. And the speaker list continues to evolve…..

      Hoping that you’ve signed up on the mailing list, so we can keep you informed about new developments as they occur!

      Again, thanks…
      Phila Hoopes, webmistress

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