A letter from the Christ Path Seminar Team…

Dear friends, we have sad news…

Andrew and Matthew have been in a process of deep discernment about how to move forward regarding the October, January and future Christ Path Seminars. The finances are simply not working in the current model and they have made the decision to discontinue the Christ Path Seminar in its current form.

The gift economy approach, including relying on volunteer donations was, unfortunately, not nearly enough to cover the cost of the onsite/online presentation, and Matthew and Andrew are facing a debt of $12,000.

So we are offering you a way to help, while you keep the spirit of the seminars alive in your own home.
If you attended onsite or online, and thought about donating…
If these workshops touched your spirit or changed your life, and you would like to give back..
If you would like to return to that sacred space and hear again the wisdom that was voiced there…
Please consider purchasing one or both of the weekend DVDs.

The time spent in the first two Christ Path Seminar gatherings, one with Joanna Macy, the other with Bruce Chilton, was very rich indeed and is recorded from beginning to end in DVD format, now offered at an unbelievably modest price. Any proceeds from such sales (and donations, if your heart so moves you) will go to offset the debt incurred by Christ Path Seminar to Andrew and Matthew.

We invite you to keep alive the memory of those powerful talks by these three globally loved thought leaders by ordering the individual DVDs here. Or, you can order both at a savings here

Despite the premature ending of the Christ Path Seminar, the work does continue in other forms and venues! Matthew and Andrew are continuing their teaching with upcoming courses through the Shift Network:

  • Andrew’s free introductory recording, titled Rumi’s Renaissance, is available HERE
  • Matthew’s free recording introducing his Mystic Heart Warrior course will be available on October 16

And don’t miss the opportunity to learn from them in real-time, on-site workshops…

  • Andrew will be leading a workshop in Charleston, SC October 18-19, and will be teaching in Konya, Turkey later this year.
  • Matthew will be leading a workshop at the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Jose, Oct 24-25
  • Matthew will also be teaching at Schumacher College in Devon, UK, and in Sydney, Australia next year.

For more of Andrew’s upcoming events, see his calendar. Matthew’s calendar is available here.

The Patheos blog is still available, and is going through a deep re-visioning – we will let you know here and through Matthew Fox’s website and Facebook page when it is reborn. Meanwhile the Patheos Book Club on Occupy Spirituality is available here.)

Finally, thank you from the heart for all your interest, sharing, and support for this visionary program and the work of Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey, and our guest speakers.

Please stay in touch on Facebook through Matthew Fox’s page  and Andrew Harvey’s page.

May the blessings, compassion and courage of the Cosmic Christ fill your heart and help you to live the lessons of the mystic/prophetic path, walking as the spiritual warrior and sacred activist. Together, we ARE the change!

“Each of us is put here in this time and this place
to personally decide the future of humankind.

Did you think you were put here for something less?”

~Chief Arvol Looking Horse